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Introducing IMG Book Club!

A monthly low-maintenance book club for the bibliophiles among us (or aspiring readers) to grow together through literature and our diverse perspectives interacting with it.

We are a community who values reading! But as a mom / wife / business owner, I know that sometimes (ok, a lot of times) reading can be the first thing pushed to the back burner.

But just like making intentional movement for your body a priority can help make you be a better version of yourself, I believe movement for your mind is an equally important discipline to incorporate into our daily lives!

This book club is sweet and simple. We pick one book a month, read at our own pace (just try to finish by end of the month!), and we hop on ig stories once a week to share our unique thoughts, perspectives and takeaways (don't forget to tag @imgdesigners so we can share with our community!). That's it!

REAL Health Benefits of Reading:

Reading sounds good and all, but did you know it actually is physically good for you?? Here are a few benefits from incorporating consistent reading into your life.

  1. Gain valuable knowledge

  2. Exercise your brain

  3. Improve your focus

  4. Improve your memory

  5. Enjoy entertainment

  6. Improve your ability to empathize

  7. Improve your communication skills

  8. Reduce stress

  9. Improve your mental health

  10. Live longer

Click here to learn how reading actually does all these things!

10 pages a day x 30 days = 1 book a month!

You can read the book at your own pace, but if you know you are someone who sucks at keeping up with reading goals, then set the goal of 10 pages a day! That is way easy to accomplish, and perhaps, the first of your atomic habits to apply to your life!


If you're ready to join book club, leave a comment saying "I'M IN!" with your instagram handle, and I'll be in touch! <3 Feel free to leave book recommendations of any genre here too! 📚✨



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